Slow Cancer Growth

While most nutritionists agree on the importance of growth (proliferative) nutrients, few nutritionists respect the importance for anti-proliferative nutrients. Various nutrients and substances in the body stimulate or subdue angiogenesis (making of new blood vessels), including the powerful vascular endothelial growth factor.

If that rogue cell begins to duplicate, then the immune system is called in. Immune cells, like natural killer cells and macrophages, are trained to recognize the difference between “self and non-self” and then destroy the invader. Sometimes the cancer invader sets up a stealth barrier using a shield as if the cancer pod were a fetus, thus escaping the recognition of the immune warriors. Proteolytic enzymes help to erode the stealth barrier from the cancer so the immune system can recognize and eliminate it.

Sugar and Cancer Connection

There have been very promising results using nutrition supplements consisting of numerous digestive enzymes to slow cancer growth. When we eat whole live raw food, like fruits and vegetables, we consume small amounts of live enzymes, of which some will pass through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream.


If the cancer rogue continues to grow, then it will need a blood supply to bring in nutrients and expel waste products. Making new blood vessels angiogenesis) is critical for the growth of a tumor. There are various nutrients (like EPA from fish oil) and food extracts (like cartilage and seaweed) that help to shut down the making of blood vessels from a tumor.

Simple Solutions for Better Health

Collagen Encapsulation

If the cancer has now become a measurable tumor, then the body will try to wall off the cancer with a thick covering of calcium and collagen. Tumor encapsulation is the next phase of “damage control” in the human body.


All of glycation can be controlled through diet, avoiding the wrong foods, including the right foods, exercise, stress reduction, the right supplements, and regular intermittent fasting.

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