Boost the Immune System

Boost the Immune System
Boost the Immune System

Your immune system consists of 20 trillion cells that compose your police force and garbage collectors. The immune system is responsible for killing the bad guys, any cells that are not participating in the processes of your body, including cancer, yeast, bacteria, virus, and dead cells. “Kill the bad guys and take out the trash.” That is what your immune system is supposed to do. But since you have cancer, something is wrong with your immune system: usually either stress, toxic burden, or malnutrition.


1. Eat foods close to the ground
2. Eat variety of natural foods
3. Eat nutrient-dense foods
4. Quality over quantity
5. Eat a plant based diet rich in color
6. Use well-tested super supplements
7. Shop grocery store perimeter
9. If food will not rot or sprout throw it out
10. Healing spices in abundance
11. Fasting is essential

Lower Stress Naturally

There are plenty of alternative ways to deal with stress. Let’s shed some light on the best alternatives ways to deal with stress.

First, let’s categorize the alternative ways to treat stress into life practices, physical and mental exercises.

Not only do athletes and meditation gurus enjoy better health, but they also enjoy less stress and more fulfillment from those same practices. As a general people who exercise have fewer cortisol levels in the blood than non-exercising individuals. And people who meditate enjoy higher levels of serotonin than people who don’t. Next are essentially physical and mental exercises to help you deal with stress.

Sugar and Cancer Connection

Healthy habits to help boost immune system:

1.Enjoy time with the family: Dedicate at least 15% of your waking hours to family-oriented activities, especially ones that promote you and your family’s activities such as daily discussions about the events of your day or a family oriented board game and activities that put you in a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Go out for a daily walk: If possible, walk to work once in a while, or from work. Enjoy the scenery and nature that you would not otherwise enjoy. Walking and exercise is a great activity for a healthy lifestyle.

3. Spend time with friends who are not from the work environment: Especially old friends that you got separated from, by time, work or both.

4. Pursue at least 20 minutes of meditation in the work environment Use a small portion of your lunch break just to relax and breathe out your fatigue.  Close your eyes. Picture a pleasant setting. Control your breathing.

5. Cardiac exercise 5-15 minutes daily routine of cardio is guaranteed to elevate your serotonin and endorphins, and both help to place you in a better mood. Plus exercise reduces the stress-inducing hormone of cortisol, which increases your blood pressure and traps water in your body stressing your kidneys and heart.

6. Meditation Nobody is demanding from you to perfect the lotus position, all you need to do is give 20 to 30 minutes of your day, enjoying relaxing music while closing your eyes and emptying your mind. It might not be easy to enjoy the practice, but by the passage of the time, you can enter into a relaxed state in no time

7. Breathing exercises Hyperventilation followed by holding your breath has a calming effect because of the carbon dioxide and lactic acid wash from the blood following these exercises. Best to be done 2 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes by the end of your day.  Breathe deeply and quickly 30 times to the count of “one thousand one, one thousand two…” Then just rest in the well oxygenated glow of peace.


Detoxification for the Cancer Patient

Detoxify your body. The average American body has 1,000 times more heavy toxic metals than our primitive ancestors before the dawning of the industrial age. Toxins shut down the ability of the immune system to mount a good battle against the cancer cells.

As your cells divide billions of times daily, mistake cells are the inevitable consequence. These mistake cells sometimes grow into cancer cells, which your immune system recognizes as being defective and then gobbles them up like Pac Man. The average adult gets 6 bouts of cancer in a lifetime, yet only 42% of Americans will end up in a cancer hospital. The other 58% had a respectable immune system, which protected the person against defective cells rising up to become palpable life-threatening cancer.

Slow Cancer Growth

Rebuild Your Immune System with Non Toxic Therapies

Get your immune system working in your fight against cancer. Follow these steps and more in 12 Keys to a Healthy Cancer Patient Book which includes links to 100’s scientific studies and clinical references that are non toxic and natural.

Discover the best nutrients that help shut down the making of blood vessels from a tumor. These nutrients shown promise in shutting down angiogenesis from tumors.

Using evidence-based guidelines, this book gives you a short and readable road map to augment your doctor’s best care while undergoing cancer treatment

Incorporate these healthy diet components to help reduce inflammation and boost your immune system.

Their are many easy ways to fight and kill cancer cells in the body!