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While there are about 700,000 allopathic physicians (MD, DO) in the United States; a distinct minority of these doctors use nutrition as part of their medical practice. Since one can only experience optimal health when optimal nutrition is present, including nutrition as part of all clinical practices seems obvious. But nutrition is rarely taught in medical school, very rarely reimbursable through insurance, and more likely to make the doctor a subject of investigation by his/her peers.
Nevertheless, there are a few bright doctors who have received nutrition training and can incorporate the best of naturopathic and allopathic care for the cancer patients. These doctors can be found at:

Institute for Functional Medicine

Life Extension Foundation

Most of the 10,000 board certified medical oncologists in the US labor under the illusion that nutrition is, at best, a useless therapy, and at worst, counterproductive to their cytotoxic therapies against cancer. There are several peer reviewed meta-analysis of the scientific literature on the subject of how nutrients can improve outcome in medically treated cancer patients. The cancer patient is encouraged to take these references listed below to their doctor and work with the doctor. If your doctor refuses to accept the merits of adjuvant nutrition in cancer treatment, then the patient (as the customer) may consider finding another doctor, such as can be found in the above websites.

Keith Block, MD study from the International Journal of Cancer, 2008

Charles Simone, MD study from Alternative Therapies, 2007